Fine art photography.

Opening Night


Believe it or not, Suzanne and I met Francesco Borromini at the Tower Theater on Calle Ocho last April. As soon as the movie “La Sapienza” ended, I knew I had a further motivation for our upcoming trip to Italy.

Next thing I was knocking at Borromini´s door in Bissone. He did not open the door, of course. He was born there in 1599, 36 years after the death of Michelangelo. Borromini followed the paths of Michelangelo´s late architectural masterworks, the ones that carried the germinal ideas of Baroque.

The photographer of this exhibit humbly tries to bring to the art scene of Miami an intellectual topic, showing the links between Michelangelo and Borromini. I hope these photographs have captured some glimpses of the work of these two men who dedicated their lives to art with intellect. Both were completely integrated into their periods and utilized art to explain their world to the people.

I dedicate this exhibit to my lovely wife, Suzanne Crossland.

I would also like to thank you all for your presence, as well as the cultural attaché of the Italian consulate, Ms. Vita Valluzzi, and to give a special thank you to Claudio Pastor, the director of Società Dante Alighieri for all the support that he has been giving to this exhibit. Tantissime grazie, Claudio.

Muchas gracias martin and miryam crossland, great travelling companions.
thank you all for coming.